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Epoch’s Software Engineers are constantly engaged in developing more innovative ways to support the wide array of ground, air, and space based platforms that are currently in use within the U.S. Government Department of Defense systems. Epoch's Software Engineers play key roles in the software design and development process utilizing the latest in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design techniques for rapid design and development. By any measure, our engineers are very knowledgeable in sophisticated database architecture and have performed extensive development on Secure Operating Systems. One attribute that distinguishes Epoch’s Software Engineers is that they are ever searching for new and innovative solutions to our customer’s challenging requirements. They continuously explore alternative and/or specialized solutions in order to increase efficiency and reliability. This characteristic puts Epoch and its employees in a position of engineering superiority because of today’s ever changing technologies and customer needs.

A majority of our systems are within the Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), and Image Intelligence (IMINT) arenas.

In addition to our solid background in military based systems, Epoch has also supported commercial product development such as: global satellite-based telecommunication systems, intrusion detection systems, web based multi-user collaboration and knowledge management systems, and multi-user database applications.

Epoch’s engineers possess the skills on not only the latest language and tools required for software development, but also those languages used on legacy systems.

A short summary of the technical support offered by our Software Engineers follows:

• Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Embedded Systems

• Object-Oriented Modeling / Development

• Database Design and Development

• Tool Development

• Commercial Product Customization and Integration

• Secure Operating Systems

• SEI CMM Level V Systems Support

• Languages used (click skills)