Epoch Software Systems - Capabilities - Contacts Management

Epoch also has a long history of supporting our customers in the area of Contracts Management. Epoch offers an array of services to assist companies in the complicated and often confusing world of contracting, both government and commercial, as a prime contractor and subcontractor. With every company having its core competencies, many are finding it beneficial to focus on those competencies and contract for other services necessary to conduct business, e.g. payroll, accounting in general, human resources, etc. Many times companies overlook the need to outsource the specialized area of Contracts Management.

Epoch is able to provide such a service by providing employees who work in this business area and possess many years of Contracts Management experience. Some are former Government Contracting Officers with experience in both Defense and Civilian agencies along with commercial and subcontract expertise. Their capabilities include the full gamut of contracting from pre-solicitation to contract closeout and many related activities such as pre-contract agreements (e.g., teaming and non-disclosure), novation agreements, contracting with GSA, and terminations.

Services are available on a full-time, part-time, or an as-needed basis, to fit customer’s specific needs. Specifically, our services include the following:

Pre-solicitation Activities

· Identification of the needs in the planning stages

· Attending pre-solicitation meetings and offering customer feedback


· Review and analysis

· Discussing competition and chances of success


· Contract requirements assessment (identifying deliverables, reporting   requirements, etc.)

· Assist in formatting a proposal

· Proposal review and critique (Red Team)


· Assist in the identification of a negotiation team and the development of a   negotiation strategy

· Prepare negotiation memoranda, both pre and post negotiation

· Participate actively in the negotiation sessions (if desired)

Contract Award and Administration

· Participate in a post award meeting with the customer

· Develop a contract administration plan

· Establish a contract administration file

· Assure contract compliance

· Manage contract changes

· Subcontract management

· Contractor purchasing system review

Contract Closeout Activities